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I became a mum when I was 30 to a precious son, Lil B 🙂 He has taught me so much and in this blog I will share the challenges and joys that nurtured the changes from what I thought I knew to what I now know and can share.

Becoming a loving mother and successful business woman may not be that unique, however that desire is unique to me and my visions for achieving my personal goals based on my knowing of what I do want in life and knowing what I don’t want as a 30 something mum. Blogging my thoughts will always be an ongoing process and not being afraid to share my perspectives.

Maybe my life has a similarity of likes that we could share such as parenting tips, food, fashion and DIY’s.

Realizing that there is nothing more important in life than feeling good about yourself; is the only way to benefit others around you. I created this blog for sharing my joys, ups & downs, ideas and passions with like-minded people. Our lives are gems that are being polished by sharing our innovative ideas and tips. Spreading the love via the blogging world. That is what I hope to achieve.

Welcome to my little part of the Universe.

Lameese XO


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