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Emotional health

This post is dedicated tou Aunt Eleanor. she is an inspiring, loving & knowledgeable woman. Nothing beats the love & support of family!

Insight on being emotionally happy & healthy:

We are emotional beings and paying attention to our emotions is something we should do regularly, otherwise, these emotions accumulate and may cause great damage in our bodies and our minds. Most of us hold back our emotions for very long periods of time and one day those emotions which have been bottled up explode uncontrollably and unexpectedly.. at the grocery store, in your car listening to the radio, in the middle of the night, anywhere and anytime. Blocked emotions end up festering and having much more impact than they should when released. This overwhelming outburst can be surprising, overpowering and somewhat frightening; the flow of feelings unleashed has accumulated for a long period of time which can make the intensity of the release disproportionate to the underlying situation. Should you have a similar experience do not fight it, instead allow the feelings to flow freely immediately or as soon as you can find a secure place where you can let yourself go privately and comfortably. Give your emotional system the love, time and attention it needs and deserves. In order to keep your physical and emotional lives healthy and in balance make time in your busy life to process your emotions regularly through meditation, writing or talking to a trusted friend and always remember that emotions are created by thoughts, keep your thoughts happy and positive and you will have healthy and peaceful emotions.


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