April Bellabox review


Being a Mum I don’t have time to shop for beauty products or have an abundance of funds to splurge on beauty products. Plus I like to try before I buy 🙂 Who doesn’t! Right? That’s why bellabox.com.au is the perfect service for me. To see how it works click on this link Bellabox- how it works.
Before I continue with my review I’d just like to advise that I am in any way paid,sponsored or requested to do this review. This is just for my readers and all who are interested in this or similar services.
The cost is $15 per month. Great for people on a tight budget. And I get to try sample size products (sometimes full sized eg. Nail polishes) before I decide on purchasing the full sized product. Win! and Win!

The products I received for this month are:

Product number 1:
Sally Hansen magnetic nail polish in copper. This nail polish is by fa the best nail polish I’ve used lately. I love the design that the magnet creates and the fact that you have to apply the polish on thickly for the effect to work. It says apply two coats of nail polish then use the magnet for the ‘magnet effect’ but I just applied one thick coat which worked like a charm. To see more of how it works head to: Sally Hansen magnet effect nail polish. Apply a top coat and voila! A beautiful, professional looking manicure and it lasts.My new favorite nail polish!!

Product number 2:
Indio facial scrub-luxe!
This facial scrub is good. It has fine grains of salt from The Dead Sea in it & gently removes dead skin from your face. Great during winter! Not sure I would buy the full sized product as it’s a bit too pricey for my pocket and as much as I enjoyed this facial scrub my all time favorite is from Burt’s Bees.

Product number 3:
Cellulix Glacial Mineral Gel mask. This mask looked like it was made from seaweed (color) but applied easily to the face. It did tingle my skin a bit & dried really quickly. I have only used this product once and cannot tell whether it benefited my skin or not. A bit pricey again @ $69.00 for 60g. I’m neutral about this product. Not bad but cannot give it a decent review after one try.

Product number 4:
Proplenish Marine Collagen sachets. Mixing science and Japanese tradition to help you achieve beautiful, healthy skin, hair and nails, the sachets can master that ‘glow’ by replicating the youthful collagen naturally produced by our bodies. Dissolve one sachet a day into a glass of water, juice or hot drink and drink, to utilize the awesome ingredients within. I like this product because it does not have a taste. It’s easy to swallow and has no colors or flavors. I received three sample sachets and @ full price it is $49.95 for 30 sachets, I think this is a product I’ll be paying full price for. Further review to come once I have used it for at least a month. So far loving it! Easy to use. Just waiting to see results.

Product number 5:
Cedel dry conditioner. All the benefits of your usual conditioner without the need for water, dispense a little onto fingers and run through locks. Too easy! I have to say I love this product as I have fine hair and regular conditioners weigh my hair down. This product is like a light mousse which I use as a regular conditioner and it conditions my hair perfectly. I give this product an 8/10. Product size could be a bit bigger. But not badly priced @ $7.99 for 100g. A little goes a long way too.

Product number 6:
Avene Micellar Lotion 3 in 1- Cult!
This product is marvelous for us time poor Mum’s. As it’s a 3 in 1 product. Score!! Value for money and wait for it… You don’t have to wash it off. Stop needing to stock up with a separate face wash, toner and make up remover. Using this product soothes irritated skin, sensitive skin, and every trace of makeup, plus cleanses. A product sent from heaven for time poor people like myself. And @ $32.95 for a 200ml; I think it’s a great deal. I rate this product 10/10. It’s a love affair! (Haha!)

That’s my wrap up of my April Bellabox review. Hope this helps those looking to try out new products or those who are wanting to use their service.

Have a great day beautifuls!
Lameese X