Inspiration from a wise Aunt

Wise words from a wise Aunt!! Thank God for my wonderful family!!

“Some people, no matter what you do, are not going to be for you. Even if you changed, met all their demands and did everything they asked, they would still find something wrong. I’ve learned that we can all save a lot of heartache and pain by learning to ignore those critical voices. You don’t need those people’s approval. You don’t have to have them cheering you on. They may try to make you look bad, but if you will stay on the high road and let God fight your battles, the more they talk the more God will bless you. They may try to take you down, but God will use it to take you up. Keep focused on your future, keep focused on the Word, and let His truth strengthen you to ignore the critics and move forward into the life of blessing He has prepared for you!”


One day at a time

Winter is well and truly here this side of the world. I know the weather has changed all over the world but Brrrrrrr, I have never experienced such cold in QLD! This is the Sunshine state!
I am grateful for the winter months for there are lots to enjoy. Hot chocolate, movies cuddles under the blanket, afternoon naps to snuggle up to your loves ones (one of my fave things to do :D), walks along the beautiful rivers, beaches, waterways in QLD during the day, comfort food… You get the picture 🙂
Today though the weather was really good to us, it’s been raining the last 4 days, and the sun was shining bright, not a cloud in the sky! Lil B has been ill with colds, sniffles & coughs. Thanks to teething! Wish I could take the pain for him! Poor baby ;( Back to the sunshine…
So I decided to take Lil B to the park since the weather is so unpredictable, who knows when we’ll get another chance to enjoy the outdoors. And enjoy we did. I soaked up all that goodness God has created for us to admire & was in awe. We take for granted the trees, birds, grass, nature in general and all the simple things in life. Today was my day to just stop, switch off and soak up every moment, including the sun. For life is short and who knows how long these natural resources will be around.

Take time to enjoy the roses, enjoy your family, spend time with those near and dear to you. Be in the here and now. Life’s too short to disregard the important things in life… The simple things.











How to enjoy life despite your circumstances

Hi lovelies,

Sorry I have been M.I.A lately. Life has been hectic, as we all know, and I’ve been feeling a bit blue. Not sure if its the weather or the fact that I’ve been applying for numerous jobs, on a daily basis, and nothing has come up. I’m ready to hit the working world and I feel Lil B is grown enough to be in kindergarten full time. It’s a tough call but one I need for my sanity, our family & our bank balance (The piggy is broken. Haha!) I just feel so disconnected with life lately and am trying not to let it be too pronounced as I don’t want it to effect Lil B. Today I was reading Joyce Meyers website and came across this article which has made me feel a whole lot better. To know that: “I am ready for anything and equal to anything through him that infuses inner strength into me…” Read the below article. It has helped lift my spirits. I hope it does the same for you 🙂 Be blessed!

How to Enjoy Life Despite Your Circumstances
by Joyce Meyer.

Which of these phrases do you utter to yourself most mornings? Do you greet each day with an expectant, positive attitude about what the day holds, or do you feel like pulling the blankets over your head, dreading what awaits you outside your front door?

We must combat the dread that tempts us to stay in bed by keeping a positive attitude and mindset. Our attitude is so important to how we feel each day. The kind of day we have is, to a great degree, determined by our thoughts and actions. If we dwell on negative thoughts, expecting the worst, our actions will reflect those thoughts.

It’s impossible to reach your God-given destiny if you allow negative thoughts to fill your mind. Dread is a close relative of fear, and allowing it to remain in your mind, sets you up for misery and robs you of joy.

Once, I experienced a feeling of dread as we were planning our trip to speak in India. I was excited about the wonderful opportunity there, but all I could focus on was the long flight and poor conditions that exist in that country. I’m grateful that I knew how to dispel those negative feelings with positive thoughts about what could be accomplished during our time there. If I had allowed myself to dwell on the negative aspects of the trip, it would’ve taken away the joy and excitement God wanted me to experience. Dread is a trap, and you must be determined not to fall into it. If not being sure of the future or facing new things causes you to feel dread or fear, remember Philippians 4:13 says, …I am ready for anything and equal to anything through Him Who infuses inner strength into me….

There’ll always be roadblocks to keep us from enjoying the wonderful life God has provided for us. With all the stress and pressures of everyday life, we must make a decision that we’re going to enjoy life regardless of our circumstances.

Every single day is filled with all kinds of situations that could upset you—like losing your car keys or getting caught in a traffic jam. But when you know what’s going on, you can choose to be in control.

You must take responsibility for your happiness. You’re the one person you’re never going to get away from, so you’d better learn to like yourself. It’s impossible to enjoy life if you don’t enjoy yourself. We have a well of wonderful things on the inside of us, and no matter what’s going on around us, we can drink from that well within. We can find strength right there inside of us to do what we need to do.

I’ve learned that life is so much better when we don’t have unrealistic expectations—for ourselves or other people. There was a time when I got upset and felt sorry for myself for days when my husband, Dave, wanted to play golf. But God helped me to see that each of us has different ways of relaxing and unwinding. For Dave, it’s golf. For me, it’s shopping or watching a good old classic movie. As long as we keep things in balance, we can enjoy the freedom of doing what we like best. Understanding this has brought about a wonderful freedom that allows both Dave and me to do the things we enjoy.

You can enjoy this same freedom in your own life. Living in freedom—and allowing others to do the same—is a healthy and positive approach to life that pleases God.

We must also learn that we can be extraordinarily happy while living an ordinary, everyday life. Expecting life to be one long series of exciting events is setting yourself up for disappointment—and that’ll steal your joy! So learn to be content with life as it is.

With God’s help and your determination, you can learn to be happy and enjoy every single day of your God-given life. Start your days by saying, “This is the day the Lord has made. I willrejoice and be glad in it. Good morning, Lord!”

This article is taken from Joyce’s audio teaching, Keys to Enjoying Every Single Day of Your Life.
How to enjoy life despite your circumstances

Have a happy and God blessed, positive day!!
Lameese X

Weekend Shinanigans 2!

Hi my lovelies,

How was your weekend? It’s supposed to be winter down under but here in Brissy we’ve been having awesome sunny weather. Hot days & cool nights. Tis a recipe for getting sick but I love the sunshine & hot days as it gives us the opportunity to spend much needed time with Lil B playing while soaking up the fresh air & sunshine 🌞

The weekend started off good. A few of my girlfriends & I (whom all have kids) organized a girls night out. Dinner, drinks & a bit if dancing. Mummy time out… Yay! Cause all us Mum’s deserve a treat now & then 😄

Saturday, well lets say it was a bit slow. I only had 3 vodka, lime & soda the night before buy my head felt otherwise. Geez! If that’s not a sign that I’m ‘maturing’ (as I like to call it) then I don’t know what is. Thank goodness for grandparents. I’m lucky my Mum stays in the next suburb from me & she offered to watch Lil B while I get a few winks of sleep. Oh heaven! God bless her! Lil B spent the day running around the playground with his grandparents and we all lived happily ever after. Lol!

Sunday it was a bit overcast but still warm. We took a drive to Victoria point where we has a picnic & enjoyed the fresh air, sunshine & good company. Lil B really enjoyed himself. Running around, oh yes his running now. Keeping me on my toes. It’s a good thing cause it’ll keep me semi-fit. After our joyous family time at Victoria point we headed to the Coffee Club to catch up with our dear friends Brads & Zoe where we had a delicious cuppa, some adult chatting time & yet again good company but by the time we were done there Lil B was getting restless and tired so we called it a night and headed home. With Lil B fast asleep we got sorted for the next working day, relaxed on the couch and soaked up the memoirs of our weekend. It was nothing out of the normal but was really special. Just spending time with family and friends made us realize how lucky we are to have such good people on our lives. And how much more we are enjoying Lil B each day (yes, even with the tantrums). Thank you Lord for the little blessings in our lives!

What did you do the weekend?

Hope you all had family or friends to spend it with 😃

Be blessed & have a fantastic blessed week!

Lameese X





In Pursuit Of Happiness…So True!

I have been following the “Becoming Minimalist” blog for a while now and get great tips, ideas and inspiration as to how I would like my life to be.

You can find this wonderful blog by following this link:

Today I read this  post on Becoming Minimalist called “Not What We Possess, But What We Pursue”.

This post rings so much truth to me personally and to many people I associate with and know. How many times have you brought home goods/possesions from the shops, thinking it’ll make you feel better? Only to be left feeling empty and back at square one! Yes, we psyche ourselves up to try and justify our purchase at the time…”Oh, but this will make me feel so much better…And the best one “I deserve it!”Knowing fully well that you do not NEED it! Anyone agree with me?

We need to look within and find the ‘missing link’. Why do we need to fill our voids with possesions? We cannot take them with us when we pass. Society and the media fills our heads with hog wash that our lives will be better, we will be prettier, sexier, healthier etc, etc.

If we just buy that beautiful dress that the model has on cause she looks so sexy in it, if we purchase this magic potion, it will make you reach your weight loss goal faster and be able to fit into that sexy dress within no time. Yeah right! Only to put it all back on again! And then the dress does not fit  and we have wasted our time and money! How having a bigger house, a flashier, bigger car is all going to make our lives that much easier! How happy we will be and how happy our kids will be! NOT! How does all these possesions make up for the quality time we should rather be spending with our children, for the true happiness we all deserve? The latest toy only entertains them for a short time and then guess what…They want YOUR attention, not the possesions you bought them! Having a bigger, cluttered with more and more stuff house means more cleaning, dusting, maintenance etc! Ain’t nobody got time for that! Time is precious as it is! Now by all means, do not think I don’t like nice things, who doesn’t. I am just trying to make conscious decisions about what I posses and even who I let into my life, who I share it with.

Hey, if you work hard, can afford that big house and have time to clean it and maintain it (or if you can afford someone else to do all the above) then go right ahead! You deserve it, right! But ask yourself these questions: “Do I need it? Is this going to make me and my family happy? Is this just to fill ‘The gap’/the void in my life?” If the answer is NO, then please reasses your values, needs/wants, time, desires, dreams and family and do what is going to make YOU/ YOU’LL  really and truly happy. Not just for ‘now’ happiness but everlasting, eternal happiness.

My example is: I am currently a stay at home Mum and as you know most stay at home Mum’s cannot afford all the luxuries they would like to posses, but you know what. I have never in all my time of being a stay at home Mum felt unhappy or like I am missing out on something or wished I could have more because I am contempt with what I have. We are not rich in monies and possesions but we are rich in happiness!

We never go without and neither does Lil B!  But wait till he grows up they say, and he wants bigger and better, more expensive things. Things that other kids have. You know what I say to that: It’s what you instill in your child from a young age and what you portray to your child is what they think is the right thing to do and be. Not to say that he will not get that toy or whatever new technology will be available at that time but he will be taught to appreciatre the little things in life, to work hard for what he wants to posses and that having possesions is in no way the right way to fulfill his happiness.

When I was earning money for some reason I wanted to posses more. I was always trapsing the internet or shops to see what my next purchase fix could be…Because I was unhappy and unfilled in my job and where my life was at. Now, I couldn’t be happier, relaxed, on the path to pursuing my dreams (slowly but surely). Not to say I am not ever going to work but I am not going to rush into another job that I will not be fulfilled in. Life is too short for that!

In conclusion: Do what makes YOU happy, pursue your happiness, dreams and desires and the rest will all fall into place.

Have a happy, fulfilling, fun-loving day all.

Lameese X

Weekend Shinanigans!

Last weekend we had a busy one, from Friday pizza dinner to partying it up on Saturday with good mates and then attending a friends daughters birthday on the Sunday…Shoo! I feel old! LOL! To kick off our wonderful (busy) weekend we made homemad pizzas, which we love doing on a Friday, if we are not beat from the weeks activities. therwise boring old yucky takeout it is! I was inspired to make this spicy meat ball pizza by @homemadewithmess . She posted a spicy meatballl pizza recipe on her blog and I just had to try it out myself. Below is my version plus Lil B’s Dad wanted a tandoori pizza which I made but did not have time to take a pic! We invited my parents over for dinner and if I should say so myself it turned out delish! They were a hit to our taste buds and the ‘parentals’thought so as well 😀

Of course I am not that good and bought ready made pizza bases (which Mumma has time to be making their own? Suree not this one!). Recipe is below. Hope you enjoy!


  • Pizza Bases
  • Pizza Sauce
  • Lean Beef Mince
  • White Onion
  • Red Onion
  • Mushrooms
  • Pepper of your choice
  • Jalapenos (if you so choose to add extra spice)
  • BBQ Sauce
  • Coriander (dhania as some know it)
  • Cumin spice
  • Oil


Make meatballs ahead of time by chopping white onion, coriander and adding to mince with cumin spice (and any other spices you’d like, maybe throw in a chilli or two). Combine well and set in the fridge for about 20-30 mins.

In the meantime chop all your pizza toppings (you can add as much or as little as you like, customized to your taste buds). I sliced a red onion, red pepper, had jalapenos out the jar and already chopped up mushrooms (the busy Mom way:)

Take out mince mixture and round into your hands forming little balls of meat. Fry over medium heat until browned on the outside and set aside.

Cover your pizza base in the pizza sauce and a bit of BBQ. Add the toppings (onion, mushrooms, capsicum, meatballs, jalapenos etc)

Place some more BBQ sauce on top and add some pizza topping spice. I use the one from Masterfoods (AU).

Place in the oven for 15-20 mins at 180-200 degrees celsius, depending on your oven. And serve hot with a side green salad.

I promise you once you start making your own pizzas you will NEVER buy a conventional pizza again! Homemade is just too tasty (and at least you know what is in it:)

Please let me know if you try out this pizza by commenting below or post your pic 🙂 Happy eating all!

Inspired by @homemadewithmess spicy meatball pizza

Friday= homemade pizzas 🙂

Saturday evening it was off to a friends Birthday party at their place. Lil B spent the night at his grandparents, which meant a night out with no baby talk, no screaming or saying don’t touch a thousand times. Just people our size that we could have a ‘real’ adult conversation with. Now do not get me wrong. I love chatting to my Lil B (well more babbling than anything). It makes my heart sing when I hear him saying words (the baby version words that is…Bubba, berd A.K.A Bird, soos A.K.A shoes…). I felt less guilty once I consoled myself that all of our days, weekends, months, years we’ll spend with Lil B; so when we do get to have some “adult time” with our friends we make the most of it. As now a days it is very rare. Nonetheless I think it’s a good social life balance 🙂

We had a great time at Wes’ Birthday (thanks Lu-Jerne & Wes) and made it home by 3am! It should have been earlier because Lil B’s Dad was falling asleep in the chair while people were still partying (Taxi!) and by people I mean ME! I have to admit I was struggling a bit but thought no! I am NOT going home early because these occasions don’t come around often (baby free that is). I remember the good Ol’ days when we would be driving home as the sun is rising! Hell no, not these days. A sign we are maturing (as I like to say, not getting old! LOL!). We had a little sleep in and then it was back to reality by 10am! As we had a Birthday party to attend to Sunday at 11am!!

Wesley's Birthday

Wesley’s Birthday

Ready to paaarrrttyy!

Ready to paaarrrttyy!

My big boy

My lil man trying on Dad’s shoes for size 🙂

Lil B is not old enough to appreciate a ‘big kids’ party but he had a really good time. All while Mum and Dad are trying to keep their eyes open with match sticks! Just watching him interact at the little kids play ground was enough to keep me awake and realize just how fast he is growing! To treasure every moment, no matter how I am feeling, and take as many pics as I can. Because one moment their innocent little beings who are entertaining you and teaching you, and making you lose your hair all while being able to love them unconditionally and the next they are all grown up ready to move out of home, have kids of their own and you look back and think where did the time go!? I don’t want to be that person, someone who looks back and cannot remember where the time went or the events of ones life. Thank goodness for iPhones with awesome cameras and Instagram, and Smilebox…What did we do without you’ll?? Oh yes! We had regular cameras and had to print out the photos. Bleh! I do not have time to put photos in photo albums and truth be told I do not look at the photo albums that often to be printing the 1000’s of photos we have. Now all our photo’s is stored on our computer (where I honestly spend a lot of my time) and if we need to print them we do so. Ain’t technology amazing! (Note to self: We need to get an external hard drive, in case of fire, floods etc!)

After the party we got home, relaxed (well Lil B and his Dad did. Mum had to cook :/). When I did get to relax I made a cuppa and was thinking what great memories we have created this past weekend with our friends and family, and how many more great memories to come :). We had an eventful and fun weekend. We have great memories post Lil B but since Lil B has arrived all these moments just seem that more imprinted in our brain…Forever! Hope you all had a good weekend!

Thanks again to The Bouveries and Rouessart’s, friends and family for making our weekend that more memorable 🙂 X

Tayla's 8th Birthday

Tayla’s 8th Birthday

Have an AUsome week!

Lameese X