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Easy DIY-Accessory to Sass-up any outfit

I’ve been thinking of a quick & easy DIY to do since I like trying out my creative side, when I get the chance to that is. I think the best DIY are jewelry pieces as they sass up any outfit & being a stay at home Mum my budget is tight. I used what I had lying around & this is what I came up with: The creation of the “Chic necklace” (couldn’t think of a better name but that’ll do, at least I think it’s chic).

Materials needed:
– Chain. I used a gold plates chain
– Clasp & toggle
– Jump rings x 3
– An adornment of your choice (mine was taken from an old headband I no longer use)
– pliers

– Measure the chain according to the length you want. I just wrapped mine around my neck & removed links to shorten it a bit.
– Place jump ring through adornment and attach to chain. Now if you using rhinestones etc you may need to first insert a head pin through the stone, make a loop and attach to jump ring then to chain.
– Add the toggle & clasp to the chain

Tada! You have a brand new, unique, chic piece if jewelry 🙂

If I wear it and remember to take a picture I’ll post it up.

Have fun doing this, that’s what it’s all about 🙂

Have a creatively wonderful day my lovelies!

Lameese X




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