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Easy mid week meal: Bacon spaghetti with pine nuts & parsley

It’s that time of the week. When you’re lacking inspiration, energy & the will to do anything much! Funny how that is! So today in my pursuit to keep up with healthy eating mantra but making it easy I came up with this meal.
You can change up a few ingredients if you so wish to suit your taste buds or to use whatever you have in your pantry.

– Spaghetti (I used half a packet)
– bacon, cut into pieces (that was in my freezer)
– tin of evaporated milk (to keep it healthyish)
– fresh parsley
– crusher garlic
– green capsicum
– pine nuts
– pepper to taste

– Boil spaghetti as per packet instructions or until el dente, drain & set aside
– In a saucepan or pot roast the pine nuts until lightly brown shaking the pan so the nuts don’t burn, set aside.
– In the same pan fry the bacon with some crushed garlic
– Add the chopped green capsicum & cool until capsicum slightly softened and bacon browned
– add evaporated milk
– stir in parsley (I use a lot because I love parsley)
– add pepper to taste (you can add salt but I think the bacon makes it salty already)
Top with roasted pine nuts & more parsley
Can be served with side salad.

Enjoy! Let me know if you try the recipe by tagging me or posting pics on my blog.

Lameese X



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