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It’s about time I get my post baby body back!

Before baby 2011

At my brothers wedding

Me now-2013



I’ve been inspired by Mom’s who are wanting to achieve the same thing as I…My post baby body!Now I am not wanting to look like my high school girly days (that is just unrealistic) or like a super model. I want to be fit, healthy and more happy again (inside and out). They say to look after someone else you first have to look after yourself!

It’s time to put ME first for a change. Now don’t get me wrong…I am not planning on neglecting my family or baby. I am going to schedule in time during my busy day to fit in some activity, at least half hour to begin with.

The only BUT in this equation is that I procrastinate too much and have been for the past 14 months (that is how old Lil B is now)! Yet I know that once I get started the motivation , positive psyche and energy will kick in and I’ll be a happier, healthier version of me.

Here are a few Moms that have inspired me:

These are awesome sights and a source of inspiration!

Boy oh boy do I need to work on my tummy! My muscles have become SO weak and when I think that it will only get worse & harder to tone if I do not do something before I plan my next baby…Motivation number 1!

There are so many great bloggers out there blogging about the same topic as well as a plethora of information…Aaaah, let’s not forget Uncle ‘Google’ & Aunty ‘You Tube’. Both excellent sources. Infact I love doing pilates and I try to complete a session of pilates each day. I have subscribed to a channel on You Tube called: “Blogilates”. Check her out her channel here:


Her work out sessions are kick A** Amaze-ING!!! And will be incorporating more into my workout routine. The other activity I like doing is Zumba Fitness for X-Box. I used to love going to a local class here in Brissy but with Lil B my schedule is too tight to go to a class plus it does cost a fair bit of $$$. So I conclude that fitness from home does the job just as well. Only thing is I’ll have to motivate myself,unless I find a work-out-buddy…hmmmmmmm. Anyone up for the challenge?

When it comes to nutrition I am no dietician or doctor (so please seek professional assistance if you intend on changing your diet/lifestyle) but I do have a fair knowledge of eating healthy (hate the word DIET!) and exercise.
I will be cooking the following dinners this and next week from a great source called ‘grab and cook’. They can be contacted at: grabandcook@gmail.com
For breakfast we usually have cereal. Good Ol’weetbix (good source of fibre and so nutritious) and maybe a piece of toast with avocado, if time permits. Or if it is the weekend we’ll splurge a bit and make a veggie omelette or healthy pancakes or whatever our taste buds fancy really (it’s like a cheat day). For lunch it’s usually a sandwich eg. lean meats & salad or left overs from last nights dinner. Or a salad of our choice. Which reminds me. Have ya’ll tried the greatest app for iphone and androids to help track your calories. It’s called “My fitness Pal”and is the best app for calorie counting and diet tracking yet! Follow me @ lameeseabrahams. Hope to see you there 😉

And in closing of this post I wish all the women..And Men out there embarking on a healthy journey good luck! Let’s cheer one another on and keep one another motivated!

To a happier, healthier YOU (for us and our loved ones :D)

Lameese XO


5 thoughts on “It’s about time I get my post baby body back!

  1. Oh good for you! I wish I had your determination!! I suck at exercise / getting fit / watching my weight. I eat badly and rarely drink water. I have all these grand ideas of getting fit but it never takes off, even my family know how lame I am at trying to keep fit! I wish you well on your challenge!! xxx

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