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Toddler Sleep Issues

Aren't they angels when their sleeping :)

Aren’t they angels when their sleeping 🙂

Sorry I have been M.I.A. But our household has been feeling the wrath of winter colds and flu! First Dad and now us. Sharing is caring!

Lil B has never been much of a sleeper, to my dismay. I have tried everything from control crying, to white noise and rocking to sleep! I suppose the word here is consistency but you would think that by age 1 he would sleep right through! No! Not my kid. LOL! I know each to their own and every kid is different. But I am getting used to the thought that I’ll never again have a full 8 hours sleep (well not for years to come) and I am Ok with that. All part of parenthood 🙂 Let me give Lil B credit where it’s due. He has been ill as of late and prior to would sleep for 6 hours, wake for a bottle and then go back to sleep for another 2-4 hours. SO all in all not bad…I think. And since the weather is cold he tends to sleep a wee bit longer. Is it just me? Should I be changing MY routine? Like going to bed an hour earlier maybe? But my sleep patterns are so out. I am used to going to bed late. After making lunches, packing away the dishes, seeing to any errands that need to be done for the next day and then FINALLY having time to relax…Time to myself.

Writing this post and doing some research has brought me some insight as to what I think I should do. Trial and error=Parenting 🙂

Are there any other parents out there going through the same sleep dilemma? Please post comments as to what you did to help, any source you have used or recommendations.

Some source I have gone to for sleep advice are: http://raisingchildren.net.au/sleep/toddlers_sleep.html

Here is to praying for a good nights sleep!

Sweet Dreams!


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