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I Heart Food!

I love my food but dislike deciding on what to cook. Why oh why is that always Mum’s task? Regardless, I aways seem to whip up something tasty on the last minute and yet when the dish is planned it seems very bleh!! It has come to the end of the week and winter has sneekingly crept in. I had run out if inspiration :/ and staring at my pantry was thinking what to create for this chilly evenings dinner. Ingredients I chose were: Pasta, Turkey mince, Egg plant & Basil (a herb I love, love, love). One reason I love winter is Comfort Food. Plus its healthy… score! This is where I got my inspiration from http://www.taste.com.au/ Mum to the rescue! It was a hit. So much so that I’ll be making a bigger batch & freezing it for times when I’m uninspired to cook. Do any of you Mum’s have a signature or go to dish that you’d like to share?Please comment below. Have a glorious day! Lameese X



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